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What is Hilot?
Hilot is a folk medicine which has been descended from ancient times in the Philippines.
Hilot has been passed from generation to generation who has special healing power in the family, was passed by oral, little describe. So hilot which has been inherited for a long time is still one of the essential culture to find illness or precaution of illness in the Philippines.

Body Treatment

Hilot Full Body Treatment

60min. 8,000yen

Hot Stone Massage

60min. 8,000yen

Ventosa & Back Massage

40min. 5,000yen

Facial Treatment

Hilot Facial Treatment

60min.   5,000yen~

Anti Aging Facial dekorte

60min. 8,000yen~

Foot Treatment

Dagdagay Foot Massage

40min. 5,000yen

Foot Spa

(Foot bath, Exfoliation,Peeling, Massage)

40min. 5,000yen

Face&Body RF/ Cavitation / Vacuum / EMS


30min. 3,000yen

8 tickets

50min. 48,000yen

16 tickets

50min. 80,000yen

30 tickets

50min. 120,000yen

Eyelash Extentions

tsuke houdai

90min. 7,000yen

tax included.